Local Firewood

Please call for availability of firewood!      Our supply changes from season to season.

Firewood starts with a take-down

Our firewood is a blend of well seasoned hardwoods including cherry, oak, maple, beech, locust and occasional mulberry. Because of the abundance of Poplar in this area, we'll have that too and some hickory, walnut, and ash and elm. 

At K Thomas LLC, we make every attempt to deliver straight logs from tree removals to the a mill, or to leave them with customers for their own uses. Some folks cannot make use of their wood, and we pass it on to our firewood department.

The cost of our firewood is in the handling. We insure that all wood is properly stored out of weather, but with excellent airflow. All wood we have for sale at this time has been well seasoned and is ready for a match. More on pricing & inspecting wood...

Cut and ready for splitting

When you are ready for a delivery also have a dry area prepared to keep the wood off the ground and out of the elements. If you do not have a porch or rack for shelter, asphalt, bricks, or older lumber can be used to keep the very dry wood from sucking moisture from the ground and ruining it.

In addition a tarp or piece of lightweight roofing that drains will keep the stack dry. However creative you are, just keep it dry from the bottom and the top. Covering all the sides is not advisable, as moisture that rises up from the ground can be trapped under a tarp, to be absorbed by the wood.

Be well, and stay warm. Call us at 434-244-0560 for Firewood sales. 

Heat values of woods are available at Utah State Extension

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Drying under cover

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