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Arborist -- a tree care professional knowledgeable about the biological and structural needs of trees and able to provide proper tree care. Some will use the term tree doctor or tree surgeon. If you haven't heard about them, a Certified Arborist is who I recommend for tree pruning and tree removals and general tree care. This site will help you learn more about how to have it all done safely and correctly.

I've been working with homeowners for over 20 years and bring over 25 years climbing and tree care experience to this website dedicated to helping you take care of your trees. As an ISA Certified Arborist, I know I can do my part of the job, but I encourage you to learn more before inviting a tree service to your property.

I have a common sense approach and will tell you straight up about many tree care issues. After taking a look at our site, you'll have the questions you need to ask your local tree care company when they come to look at your trees.

In my tree service in beautiful Charlottesville, Virginia, I find my customers eager to know how to better take care of their trees. I share with them what they can do for their trees, and what I can offer them to preserve their trees. In the event a removal is called for, I make sure we find the safest way for people and property to remove the tree. I'll be giving you the same tree care advice here.

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Take a look around at our topics by using the left navigation bar. I hope we can help you improve the life of your trees, help you get the tree care you need and add to your appreciation for all trees!

Charlottesville and Albemarle county area folks can contact me at 434-244-0560. I am happy to meet with you to look at your tree concerns, give you my opinion, and offer you an estimate of costs to get needed work done.

This picture was taken of me at Grove of the Patriarchs on the eastern flank of Mount Rainer in Washington State. It's a Western Red Cedar (Thuja Plicata) and there are at least 50 of them within a mile radius. When I am not giving tree care advice, I like to seek out amazing trees!

Make sure you hire an ISA Certified Arborist® for your tree care!
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K Thomas Lawson, ISA Certified Arborist® No. MA-0305A
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Check this out!  what can a 24 inch diameter Northern Red Oak in your yard* do this year?

Your tree will:

  • Intercept 7,129 gallons of storm-water runoff

  • Raise the property value by $98 per year
  • Add 509 square feet of Leaf Surface Area
  • Conserve 208 kilowatt/hours of electricity for cooling
  • Reduce air temperatures around and below it
  • Intercept particulates like dust, ash & smoke
  • Absorb pollutants like ozone, nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide
  • Reduce atmospheric carbon by 902 pounds.

Wow, let’s take care of those trees

  • Prune to maintain health;
  • Remove before they are too dangerous for you and your property!


*Charlottesville geographic region

This calculation was done at

Red Oak in Charlottesville VA