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Landscape Design Advice 
Expert information from a Landscape Architect on design, hardscapes, implementation, water elements, garden features, and of course plants and trees!

Make sure you hire an ISA Certified Arborist® for your tree care!
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Charlottesville VA
Tree Service

K Thomas Lawson, ISA Certified Arborist® No. MA-0305A
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Check this out!  what can a 24 inch diameter Northern Red Oak in your yard* do this year?

Your tree will:

  • Intercept 7,129 gallons of storm-water runoff

  • Raise the property value by $98 per year
  • Add 509 square feet of Leaf Surface Area
  • Conserve 208 kilowatt/hours of electricity for cooling
  • Reduce air temperatures around and below it
  • Intercept particulates like dust, ash & smoke
  • Absorb pollutants like ozone, nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide
  • Reduce atmospheric carbon by 902 pounds.

Wow, let’s take care of those trees

  • Prune to maintain health;
  • Remove before they are too dangerous for you and your property!


*Charlottesville geographic region

This calculation was done at

Red Oak in Charlottesville VA